Helloooo bloggy friends!! Yes, I'm still here! Excuses? Of course, I always have one or two.
See that little MELLOW mood thing over on my sidebar? Well I probably should have changed it to say something more along the lines of Agitated or Irritated or honestly...Bitchy!! I don't know if it's the weather or what but I seem to be experiencing something resembling the February blahs...in April! A couple weeks ago I was PMS-ing so badly that I almost...stopped blogging, took myself off Facebook AND tried to sell my Memorial Cup tickets! Thankfully I made it through the week with no major changes and all was good again.
At the moment though my blogging breaks may be a little longer. I hope you'll all bear with me and keep on visiting! I think part of the problem is I enjoy reading blogs and I spend quite a bit of time enjoying all your "goodies and tidbits" and then run out of steam for my own. (By the way, I had trouble commenting tonight on a few of your blogs, they just wouldn't take so please know I'm reading and loving but at the moment..silently!)
Very soon (hopefully tomorrow) I'll now have to do one of those giant posts about absolutely everything to get all caught up!

It will include:

  • Movie night with the girls
  • Movie outing with my kids
  • American Idol - I still can NOT believe Michael Johns went last week...I was SHOCKED!! I was totally dreading tonight's show with Mariah Carey songs but it really wasn't that bad. 
  • 2 memes I've been tagged to do
  • The luck of my daughter

Well, see, I should just start typing when I really don't even feel like it because this actually made me feel better in some strange sort of cathartic way. I hope this didn't come off sounding all heavy and depressing because it's really nothing serious...just a little "out of sorts".

Have a great evening everyone and looking on the bright side...tomorrow is Hump Day!! Before we know it, the weekend will be here!