My 4 Favourite Songs at the moment:
1) You Found Me - The Fray
2) Rain Delays - Crash Parallel
3) The Climb - Miley Cyrus
4) Hoedown Throwdown - Miley Cyrus (yes, I realize I'm not twelve but I can't help it, I like it!)
I doubt if I'll download it onto my iPod but I LOVED Adam Lambert's version of Mad World last week on Idol.

My 4 Favourite Shows that I can't miss:
1) Bones - always #1
2) Fringe
3) Grey's Anatomy
4) Toss up between Gary Unmarried, The Unit, 24 and Prison Break (last 6 episodes start tonight!)

4 Shows I'll be getting caught up on in the summer when the newest season comes out on DVD:
1) Weeds - Tim and I watched the first 3 seasons in a very short amount of time last summer. Once we started, we were hooked! It's so well written, funny and the characters are fantastic!
2) Gossip Girl
3) Nip/Tuck
4) Have never watched it but may try Living with Ed (Ed Begley's reality show about living green)

4 Shows I miss the most since they finished airing:
1) West Wing
2) Third Watch
3) Sex and the City
4) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

The Best/Most Memorable 4 Series Finales (in my humble opinion):
1) Newhart - this wasn't a show I watched regularly but the finale was the funniest, most original, most memorable EVER! Did you see it?
2) Cheers - quiet but effective, sad to see it end
3) Seinfeld - for me, the most anticipated and turned out to be the most disappointing
4) Sopranos - another highly anticipated one, definitely the most unique

Last 4 Movies I saw at the theatre (and just happened to really enjoy them all, yes, even Hannah Montana):

4 Movies coming out I'm most looking forward to:

1) May 8

2) June 12

3) July 1

4) July 24

The 4 Movies I'm most looking forward to seeing with my kids:
1) Earth
2) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
3) Up
4) Land of the Lost

My 4 Favourite Movie Actors
1) Robert Downey Jr.
2) Mark Wahlberg
3) Will Smith
4) John Cusack
I have to add one more, I really enjoy almost anything with Hugh Grant.

Last 4 Books I've read:

Yes, I realize I'm missing 2,3 and 4 but this book has taken me so long it feels like I've read 4! It was Oprah's Book Club selection last year and I don't usually jump on the bandwagon when she suggests a book but this one sounded intriguing. She recommended not reading the book jacket because she felt it gave too much away so I didn't. I've only got about 50 pages left so I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm all done. The ending is supposed to be shocking so I've kept plugging through. Honestly up to this point I wouldn't recommend it, even though the writing is amazing, so descriptive like nothing I've ever read, it's just too much. You could skim over page after page and really not miss any of the story.!


Holly said...

wow, when you come back to blogging, YOU COME BACK! I love this post (will be stealing). I have very different answers from you... I had no idea you even read books Judy. HONEST! Not a slam, just a comment. Jeez, all the things I have to learn about you.

Oh, I think I'd like to rent the nip/tuck DVDs too. Something about it intrigues me.

Susan said...

Ah, Judy...our resident entertainment expert--glad to see you back in full blogging force...hope it continues!

raino said...

susan sent me. i will return and fyi, i love these kinda lists!

Bridget said...

LOVE your list! And don't worry - I am SOOOOOOOOO excited to see Hannah Montana! ;)

Kelly said...

LOVE the lists! Awesome! And I am a big fan of the Miley songs you mentioned too... we hear them ever single day over here right now :)) Boom boom clap, boom de-clap de-clap...