1) Yes, smattering really is a word. I did a dictionary check (believe it or not in a real book..I didn't even Google it!) and it means "a small scattered number or amount". That's me and my blog all right...scattered!

2) Friday night after I took the kids skating I went and met up with Holly for a late movie...really late! Whatever happened to movies starting at 7 and 9? This one was 10:30 and that's only when the previews started. Wow, I'm sounding old!
We saw Stop Loss with Ryan Phillipe. It's a haunting and I can only assume very realistic portrayal of soldiers and the horrible effects war has on them. Then they come home, still reeling from their tour of duty, thinking they have done their time and are finished, and they find out they're going to be sent back on a Stop Loss order.
Ryan Phillippe is amazing as the lead in the movie, as are all the supporting cast. I was pleasantly surprised to find out my personal favourite..Timothy Olyphant..was also in this, unfortunately it's a very small part.
I read a review today that said the ending was disappointing but I don't think there is any way this movie could have ended that wouldn't have seemed disappointing. Overall though, I really enjoyed this movie.
They show some statistics at the end before the credits roll...over 80,000 soldiers have been stop-lossed. As a mother, I can't even imagine watching your child leave for war once, let alone twice or more.

3) I logged on to Facebook yesterday and there was a notification from one of the Applications, Mesmo TV, (what else!) about a news story they had sent. I've had those before and always just deleted them without reading them first but for some reason I opened this one. I know not many of my readers are Prison Break fans so this won't interest most of you in the least but for those of you that watch it...THIS IS HUGE!!! The title said it all!! It was a huge spoiler for Season 4 and that's all I'm going to say because I always get myself in trouble for spilling the beans. If you want to know you'll have to Google it for yourselves. All I'm going to say is...I CAN'T WAIT!!! (tee hee!)

4) Well, tomorrow is Mammogram Monday for me and the girls..my very. little. girls! Our very first one. To sum up how I feel about it I'll just give you Jesse's favourite quote from Barry B. Benson in the Bee Movie...
"Scared out of my shorts?" "Check!"


Susan P said...

Wishing you and the girls good luck! (Don't be scared..it's not THAT bad...)

alissasanderson said...

I knew what smattering meant :-)

Good luck today! I'm sure it'll be fine--not nearly as scary as you're expecting it to be.

Holly said...

I'll be third to chime in on M-day. It really isn't that bad at all. Just a bit of pancake action :)

Bridget said...

Good luck today Judy!! Treat you and "the ladies" to a special treat afterwards! :)

Sandy C said...

Good Luck on the mammo today! Good for you for doing it!! I'm proud of you, girlie!! Let me know what the results (almost wrote resluts, there!!) are when you get them!

Anonymous said...

...resluts! I can't stop laughing, Sandy. - marianne