EASTER WEEKEND (better late than never!)

The kids had a great Easter weekend! Saturday morning Jesse had a birthday party to go to and after that we went to my parents for the rest of the day. My brother and my niece, A.J., were also there.

They loved...dipping...

and colouring (and concentrating!)....

and hunting...

and visiting Great Grandma and showing off their new Snake Webkinz...

Sunday morning at our house they found the goodies the Easter Bunny had left them and later they hunted for more little treasures.

That afternoon we went and saw Horton Hears A Who!
So in true Seussical form....

I should try and write a quick review
to honour Dr. Seuss,
but it would be a simpler task
if Horton were a moose!
Cause nothing rhymes with elephant
but I'll give it one last try
and let you know just what we thought
about the Who's and why.
It really is a well done flick
for ages young and old,
with quite the little message
in the story being told.
About a land of people,
the speck on which they roam,
and an elephant named Horton
trying to find them a new home.
And the moral of the story
remember one and all,
is that a person's a person
no matter how small!

Well, definitely not my best work but it's all I could come up with! Seriously though, it really is a good movie and I think all the reviews I read that said adults wouldn't really care for it...were wrong!


Susan P said...

I always thought your kids looked more like Tim than you, but in the picture of them in their pj's, Emily really looks like you.

Sandy C said...

Oh my gosh, Jude! Your grandma looks great! Jeepers! How old is she? And...did your dad just turn 17 or 18? We had a big discussion about it on Easter. LOL!!

Is Tom's little girl ever a Williams, eh? She looks so much like he did when he was little with those cute chubby cheeks! I only saw her once when she was a teeny tiny baby and he and Cindy came down here. They were visiting my parents and my parents were dog-sitting for us. We were arriving in from a long car-trip back from Canada. We drive into their neighbourhood and there's Tom on one of those three wheeler bikes yelling for Duffy (our dog who had run away....again). We drove by him and I snickered 'cause I think those bikes are so funny. Then I yelled "OMG! That's Tom! I swear, that's Tom!" And sure enough it really was. He looked so funny! Big Tom on that three wheeler bike with the basket in front! ROFL!!!

I love your poem. I think you're wrong. I think it just might be your best work. Very creative.

Holly said...

your poems are great!

Alissa said...

I had lots of things to say until I read the rhyming Horton review! So funny! I love it!

It looks like you had a really nice weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, not your best work? Those pics are great! Of course, the whole egg thing reminds me of our "competitions" from several years ago where your mom had a judge and Carl always won. - marianne

Judy said...

Susan - thanks for that...I've always heard how the kids looked like Tim. More now say Emily looks like me and Jesse still like him though, which honestly, I don't see (Jesse I mean).

Sandy - Grandma turned 93 this past November and with leap year dad turned 18. Emily's very excited because in 12 years (OMG!) she and dad will both turn 21!!! She tells people that then adds...if he's still alive..dad doesn't find that so funny..lol!!!
Love the Tom story..the big goof! lol!

H & A - thanks...glad you liked my little ditty! It was VERY late when I wrote it (not the time showing on the post that's for sure!) and I was so tired, I wasn't sure how it sounded.

M - If you don't mind I may post photos from our little "competitions". I'll email you.