FRIDAY-FREE-FOR-ALL - The Procrastination Edition

I started this post on's now Sunday!

Yes, I'm a procrastinator.  If I can put something off until later, I definitely will, especially if there's something else I'd rather be doing.  My blog, for example, has lately become a main source of procrastination for me.  I'm not sure why.  I just seem to be having a hard time getting started so I can very easily talk myself into putting it off and then become distracted by reading all my other favourite blogs.  

Today (as in Friday) is a perfect example of procrastination at its finest. 
My in-laws didn't want to have a big family get together for Easter this weekend since they're getting ready to go away. I suggested to Tim that he at least take the kids to visit them before they go and that would also give me a chance to get some stuff done.
He and the kids left around lunch time and I had my to-do list all ready!
  • pay bills
  • go through my 2000+ pictures from last year and get them ready for printing
  • go through the piles of papers stacked neatly around my office and file/organize/dispose of them
  • go to the gym
Instead...look what I managed to accomplish...
  • vacuumed/cleaned out the van
  • sorted through large box of "junk" in the garage
  • cleaned out my purse
  • tidied up the kid's rooms
  • watched Oprah
  • watched tape of Celebrity Apprentice during commercials of Oprah
  • looked up songs for a friend's CD I'm putting together
  • checked out Facebook
  • read blogs
  • cleaned out our bathroom vanity
  • went to Chapters
Wow...look at me go!  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  The stuff on the first list...still waiting but *definitely* a priority now (especially the gym and the bill paying..eek!).  

This is also a lovely example of the "P" word...

One of the walls in our bedroom...nice frames don't you think? Are pictures of loved ones really necessary? There are already so many in other areas of the house.

Ok, I'm only showing you this one if you promise not to laugh...

notice the year...I never used all.

Well, this certainly did not end up being the Friday-Free-For-All that I had planned. I guess I'll have to start a whole new post...tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh ... your family picture (frames) are great! Regarding your list, I think we all do the same some times. Great intentions to get things done, run all day and at the end crossed nothing off your list. Well I enjoy your blog whenever it comes and I try to be patient/understanding but please don't make me wait TOO long! - marianne

Holly said...

that planner! I want one - I'm getting one today.... or maybe tomorrow. ;)

glad to see a new post!

Sandy C said...

Well, at least you got a bunch of things done. Maybe if you switched the lists around you get the things done that you really should be doing. Think that would work? Nah, me neither but it is a thought. LOL!

alissasanderson said...

One thing I'm not is a procrastinator. Sometimes I wish I were--I'd probably spend alot less time worrying that I'm not getting everything done on time!

Bridget said...

LOL! LOVE the pictures on the wall! Okay...I have to say - I have a frame with 40 little pictures in it, but there are 3 big huge empty spots that require 5x7s in them...Hmmm...maybe one day I'll have to actually order 5x7s??? LOL!! We can print pictures together.

LOVE the planner! HILARIOUS!

Kelly said...

Love the planner and I love the frames... I have a set of frames on our wall that still have some strangers pics in them from when I bought it... can't tell you how many times I've had people ask (family even)who they are in the pics! Hee Hee. At least they're cute people!!