You know it's time to post something when:
a) your title is the same as your last post and they're a week apart
b) your lack of blogging is being talked about in the comments of someone else's blog (you know who you are! lol!)

1) Last Thursday morning one of our neighbours called and offered us four tickets to High School Musical - The Ice Tour. They couldn't use them since they were going to see Bon Jovi that night. We were more than happy to take them off their hands! It was definitely a rushed night though. We picked up the kids from daycare right after work and away we went! The show was very good...it was all the music from both movies.

2) If that wasn't enough excitement for one week, Emily and I went and saw the Hannah Montana 3-D movie on Sunday. It finally came to our fair city but only for one week.I'm not sure why since it's still doing very well.
We both really enjoyed it...the 3-D aspect of it was very cool! I had never seen a 3-D movie before, it really was amazing. At one point one of the band members threw a guitar pick at the camera...I DUCKED! Emily thought that was hilarious! There were a couple other things that made me jump too. How embarrassing!!

3) Eliot Spitzer...what can I say that hasn't already been said...and what is wrong with this picture???
I think Jay Leno said it best...
"Do you ever notice politics is the only profession when a guy gets caught with a hooker, the wife has to stand by his side. You know, if this guy was a plumber and he got caught with a prostitute, he'd have his wife's SUV tire tracks over his head."

4) Am I the only person watching Eli Stone?? I'm just going to assume I am and tell you that it's definitely one worth watching! It started a few weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since that first episode when yes...George Michael...appeared.Eli Stone, played by Johnny Lee Miller, is one of those high profile "scummy" lawyers that always tries to win for the big companies, no matter what the cost. He then starts having hallucinations, ie. George Michael singing in his living room, and later finds out he has an inoperable brain aneurysm. I know, it doesn't sound funny, but the show really is! It's original and quirky but not so "Pushing Daisies quirky"! His hallucinations then start to mean something each week, relating to his next case and he's now becoming the lawyer that wants to do the right thing.
The characters in this show are fantastic and it's worth watching just to see the conversations between Eli and his acupuncturist and also his secretary (played by Loretta Devine...the Chief's wife on Grey's and also crazy Marla from Boston Public).
Trust me...give it a try...you won't be disappointed! (ok, but please let me know if you are..lol!)


Susan P said...

I LOVE George Michael. I always have, in spite of his personal troubles.

alissasanderson said...

Glad to see you back :-)

If DH were caught with a prostitute, I'd stand by his side just long enough to stick the knife in...then I'd sit back down!

Bridget said...

Missed you!! :)

I am so with you on the Spitzer scandal!! CRAZY how they seem to "get away with it". Man, those wives must be strong! Yep...Jeff would have the tire tracks!

Sandy C said...

I agree with alissa but I'd use the knife while he was asleep - and bobitize him!! LOL!! What about that woman who stood there with her husband while he announced that he was "a gay man"? Can you imagine standing there like that? I'd slap him upside the head on national tv, yell at him, kick him in the balls and walk off with dignity. Dayum!! (that's damn but with a heavy accent, y'all!)

I've been watching Eli Stone, too. Love it! There's way too much good tv on - my dvr is getting full and I don't have enough time to watch it - at this rate I'm going to have to get another dvr! Sometimes it's so hard being a tv junkie - I know you know what I mean, Judy!! rofl!!

Judy & Sheri said...

Checking in to see what you have to say. It's Friday!! Where are you?

Holly said...

K, so I watched Eli Stone - not bad. Not bad at all! :)